Daniel Kimotho

Daniel Kimotho

Blockchain Researcher With The Institute for Blockchain Studies

Daniel is a Blockchain Researcher in Africa with the Institute for Blockchain Studies (New York), he is also a voice in the blockchain space in Africa having led many conversations around developing a strong blockchain developer community in Africa.

He is the CEO and Co-founder of EOS Nairobi, a block Producer candidate from Africa supporting the EOS Blockchain Main Net. EOS Nairobi and its partners have set up the Kotani Blockchain Incubator that seeks to grow talent within Africa for blockchain and other new innovative technologies.

His life mission is to build tools of wealth creation and he is a strong advocate for using blockchain technology to decentralize the tools for wealth creation.

Daniel has been on the stage at the World Blockchain Summit, Speaking on how we can secure our share of the world on the blockchain, decentralize the tools of wealth creation and build the next generation of software developers who will architect and build a new Africa.

Daniel is also a speaker at the Black Blockchain Summit speaking about building a developer ecosystem that will architect the new Africa.

Daniel is also the co-founder of First Nexus company, an innovative technology company that focuses on developing solutions for business that take advantage of data and emerging technologies.