Important Announcement: Date Change for Blockchain Africa Conference 2024
Please note that the event date has been rescheduled from October 31st to November 20th, 2024.









Join us for the 10th edition of the Blockchain Africa Conference, hosted by Bitcoin Events. This highly anticipated event will take place as an in-person experience at the CSIR International Convention Centre, on 20 November 2024, in Tshwane, South Africa.

Since its inaugural edition in 2015, the Blockchain Africa Conference has attracted over 9,500 attendees from 160 countries, establishing itself as a premier platform showcasing the latest innovations and disruptions in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Prepare to be inspired by an exceptional lineup of world-class speakers, both international and local, as we bring together 500+ global participants. Gain invaluable insights, engage in lively debates, and take part in thought-provoking panel discussions on how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are reshaping global business practices, particularly on the African continent.

The conference will delve into transformative concepts, market disruptors, top industry trends, and emerging technologies that are shaping the future marketplace. With a special focus on Africa, we will explore global trends, opportunities, and challenges faced by market players seeking to leverage blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Over the years, the conference has evolved with themes such as “Beyond the Hype,” “From Hype to Mainstream,”, “Ready for Business?” and “Ready for Business”.

We invite you to join us for an exploration of the practical application of blockchain technology across both public and private sectors.

Together, we will leave hype and speculation behind, emphasizing real-world use cases presented by global business leaders, organisations, and innovators.

Key streams are:

  • Blockchain-based use-cases across both financial and non-financial industries
  • Cryptocurrency/digital asset regulation
  • Blockchain technology hurdles and challenges

The objectives are:

  • To provide contextual understanding of blockchain technology and the opportunities that it presents for Africa
  • To deliver well-structured content that will meet the needs of different stakeholders and different industries
  • To provide networking opportunities focused on creating business partnerships and collaborations that will create employment, drive economic growth and catapult development

The Blockchain Africa Conference is an event that captivates and educates a global audience as Bitcoin Events continues to educate the African community, spread awareness and encourage networking within the space.

Don’t miss this pivotal event where knowledge meets opportunity and the future unfolds.

Watch the highlights from the 2023 conference



Experience unparalleled networking opportunities with industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts, fostering connections and collaborations that drive the future of Web3 forward.


Step into the vibrant exhibition floor, where pioneering companies, dynamic startups, and industry luminaries converge to unveil their cutting-edge services and products, illuminating the path towards the future of Web3.


Be inspired by a lineup of top global speakers as they share invaluable insights and expertise on the latest trends and developments shaping the blockchain and digital asset landscape.

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Explore blockchain intricacies and digital assets through engaging interactive workshops, empowering attendees with vital skills and insights for navigating this evolving field.


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Briana Marbury (Keynote Speaker)

CEO at Interledger Foundation

Rene Reinsberg (Keynote Speaker)

Co-Founder of Celo and President at Celo Foundation

Mariana Gospodinova (KEYNOTE SPEAKER)

General Manager of European Operations for

Charles Hoskinson (Keynote Speaker)

Founder and CEO of IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong)

Junde Yu (Keynote Speaker)

Head of Global Sales, Cobo

Stani Kulechov (Keynote Speaker)

Founder and CEO of Aave

Ben Zhou (Keynote Speaker)

Co-founder and CEO at Bybit

Sandra Ro (Keynote Speaker)

CEO at the Global Blockchain Business Council

Tone Vays (Keynote Speaker)

Content Creator, Derivatives Trader and Consultant

Yele Bademosi (Keynote Speaker)

Co-Founder and CEO at Nestcoin

Chris Becker (Keynote Speaker)

Managing Executive: Enterprise Payments at TymeBank

Brian Behlendorf (Keynote Speaker)

Executive Director of Hyperledger Project
Stefan Thomas

Stefan Thomas (Keynote Speaker)

Founder and CEO at Coil
Marcus Swanepoel

Marcus Swanepoel (Keynote Speaker)

Co-Founder and CEO of Luno
vinny lingham

Vinny Lingham (Keynote Speaker)

Co-founder and CEO of

Brock Pierce (Keynote Speaker)

Co-Founder and Managing Partner Blockchain Capital
Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas M. Antonopoulos (Keynote Speaker)

Entrepreneur, Author and Security Expert
Lorien Gamaroff

Lorien Gamaroff (Keynote Speaker)

Founder/CEO of Bankymoon and Co-founder/CEO of Centbee


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Blockchain Africa Conference 2024 Comes to Pretoria and Cape Town!
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Announcing the Blockchain Africa Conference 2024: Celebrating 10 Years of Innovation!
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