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Blockchain Technology: Moving Africa Forward


Use Cases

Gain insight into current blockchain use cases by both financial and non-financial institutions: payments (e.g. remittances and cross-border payments), settlements, blockchain as a service and identity management, supply chain management, and record keeping (e.g. for title deeds). Hear from some of the most prominent start-ups on how they are using this technology to solve real problems. Learn how Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are taking the world by storm as a new mechanism for crowd funding that has emerged outside the traditional financial system.


Regulatory Environment

Learn how blockchain technology can improve transparency, audit trails and transaction reporting to ease regulatory and compliance processes.

Find the answers to questions such as: What are the concerns that regulators have? How are countries currently regulating cryptocurrencies and ICOs? How are regulators considering regulating cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in the future? What are the potential risks of an unregulated market?


Embracing Blockchain

Cut through the hype and see how blockchain technology can move Africa forward with its innovative opportunities to remove inefficient systems and processes within and across organisations. Learn about the technology’s benefits for the people of Africa, and about blockchain 3.0, the new generation blockchain technologies such as EOS and Cardano.


Technology Hurdles

What are the concerns around performance, scalability and blockchain infrastructure, and the implementation of blockchain systems?


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