Yele Bademosi

CEO at Bundle Africa and Founding Partner at Microtraction

Yele Bademosi is CEO and Co-Founder of Bundle, the Africa-focused social payments

Michelle Chivunga Nsanzumuco

Michelle Chivunga Nsanzumuco

Founder/CEO & Investor at Global Policy House, Senior Advisor to Government of Bermuda, African Union, British Blockchain & Fintech4Good Lead for Africa

A digital transformation/ blockchain professional and investor with major access to an

Nathaniel Luz

Lead at Dash Nigeria

Nathaniel Luz is an award winning libertarian, lead for Dash Nigeria and

Rocelo Lopes

Founder and CEO of Stratum Blockchain Technology and CoinPY

Rocelo Lopes is the Founder and CEO of Stratum Global and CoinPY.

David Gitonga

David Gitonga

Director and Founder at BitcoinKE