Jared Tate (USA)

Founder and creator of DigiByte

Jared Tate is the founder and creator of DigiByte. DigiByte is a 3.5-year-old rapidly growing
public decentralized blockchain and cybersecurity network/cryptocurrency used in 82+ countries which as of June 2017 has reached a market capitalization of $500 milion USD. DigiByte is currently 40 times faster and five times more decentralized than the Bitcoin blockchain.

Jared has been involved with Bitcoin since 2012. In the Fall of 2013, he decided to make several improvements to the Bitcoin core protocol which culminated in the launch of DigiByte on January 10th, 2014. DigiByte has pioneered many blockchain enhancements such has DigiShield, MultiShield & MultiAlgo which have all now been implemented by many other digital currencies including Dogecoin.

Jared’s company, DigiByte Holdings Limited, is focused on building real-world blockchain solutions upon the DigiByte blockchain for trade, cybersecuirty and more. Jared’s company also uses the security properties of blockchain technology to provide auditing and secure data platforms for consumers and companies alike.