Leanne Kemp (UK)

Founder & CEO of Everledger

After 20+ years in the tech sector, from RFID to Supply Chain to Advertising (adtech), with multiple successful exits to both International and Public Listed companies. Leanne have turned her mind to expanding horizons and focused on developing an International Business portfolio in the epicentre of global finance ~ London.

The insurance industry (fintech) is the next deep blue. The industry is undergoing a metamorphosis, with an unprecedented scale of innovation taking place. New technologies represent opportunities to re-think legacy systems, that for the most part have been taken for granted as the way things must be done, rather than what could be done… What’s on offer is a potential ‘Value Chain Collapse’ that will materially create tens of millions (if not hundreds) of dollars of value by combatting fraud instances, money laundering and making old 20th Century systems redundant.