Due to the coronavirus and travel restrictions, the conference will no longer be hosted in Johannesburg and all speakers will participate virtually.

08:00am GMT+2
John Lombela  
Welcome Address and Opening by Master of Ceremonies
09:00am GMT+2
Founder and CEO at Axalio, Founder of Cryptovecs Capital and Innovecs Consulting
Henri Arslanian  
Keynote Address: The Latest Global Crypto Institutional Trends
09:10am GMT+2
Global Crypto Leader, Asia FinTech Leader and Partner at PwC
Decentralised Finance - What are the Opportunities?
09:40am GMT+2
Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: Cross Border Payments
10:00am GMT+2
Banking on Blockchain
10:30am GMT+2
Tea/Coffee Break
11:00am GMT+2
Yael Tamar  
Institutional Adoption of Tokenisation
11:15am GMT+2
CMO and Co-founder of SolidBlock
Dr. Steven Waterhouse  
Decentralisation is the New Encryption
11:35am GMT+2

The privacy promised by encryption is over. Legislated government access has defeated the purpose of encryption. The next frontier is decentralization, and it’s leading to a brighter future for internet privacy.

CEO and Co-founder of Orchid
Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) in 2021
12:00pm GMT+2
Lunch Break
12:25pm GMT+2
Charles Hoskinson (Keynote Speaker)  
Keynote Address
13:00pm GMT+2

This will be a pre-recorded talk.

Founder and CEO of IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong), Founder of Cardano and Director of The Bitcoin Project
Yele Bademosi  
Keynote Address: Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrencies in Africa
13:30pm GMT+2
CEO at Bundle Africa and Founding Partner at Microtraction
Nathaniel Luz  
Future of Cryptocurrency: Adoption or Bust!
13:50pm GMT+2

Since the invention of Bitcoin, there have been lots of conversations on the possibilities of this new technology - crypto will, crypto can, crypto should… This led to the rise of ICOs, IEO, STO, DeFi, Hardforks amidst several innovations. However, it is my opinion that this technology is now matured enough to handle real-world challenges beyond the reach of traditional financial systems. We are at a deciding moment where we must either achieve adoption or bust. In line with the theme of this conference - FROM HYPE TO MAINSTREAM, what does mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency require?

Lead at Dash Nigeria
Rocelo Lopes  
How Stablecoins Will Change the Global Market for Import/Export
14:10pm GMT+2
CEO and Founder of Stratum Blockchain Group
Panel: Ethereum 2.0
14:30pm GMT+2

Ethereum, a popular open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed ledger popular for its smart contract functionality and the world’s second largest cryptocurrency, recently underwent a major upgrade. What are the implications, benefits and the future of Ethereum?

Tea/Coffee Break
15:00pm GMT+2
Sandra Ro  
Keynote Address: State of Blockchain
15:10pm GMT+2
CEO at the Global Blockchain Business Council
Alex Mashinsky  
All Roads Lead to Decentralization
15:30pm GMT+2
Founder and CEO of the Celsius Network
Brenton Naicker  Marius Reitz  Roselyne Wanjiru  Buchi Okoro  Farzam Ehsani  Marvin Coleby  
Panel: Crypto Adoption in Africa
15:50pm GMT+2

Moderator: Farzam Ehsani. According to a survey by Statista and the 2020 Chainalysis Geography Report, Africa is booming in terms of crypto adoption, especially in Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya. Issues such as the high cost of remittances, fiat currency devaluation and economic instability, has caused many to turn to local cryptocurrency exchanges. Is cryptocurrency a more stable value store for people in Africa? What is the future of crypto adoption in Africa?

Business Development Manager, Binance (South Africa)
General Manager for Africa at Luno
Director of Growth and User Acquisitions at Pesabase
Co-founder and CEO of Quidax
CEO and Co-Founder of
Co-founder and CEO of Raise and Co-Trustee at the African Digital Asset Foundation
Dan Held  Peter McCormack  
Fireside Chat: Institutional and Retail Investment in Crypto
16:30pm - 17:10pm GMT+2

Hosted by Peter McCormack

Growth Lead at Kraken
Host of What Bitcoin Did podcast, Defiance podcast and Defiance TV
John Lombela  
Closing Address
17:10pm GMT+2

The Master of Ceremonies will close off Day 1 of the conference.

Founder and CEO at Axalio, Founder of Cryptovecs Capital and Innovecs Consulting
17:15pm GMT+2
08:00am GMT+2
John Lombela  
Welcome Address by Master of Ceremonies
09:00am GMT+2
Founder and CEO at Axalio, Founder of Cryptovecs Capital and Innovecs Consulting
Sam Bankman-Fried  
Keynote Address: Serum: The Decentralized Financial Ecosystem of the Future
09:05am GMT+2
CEO and Founder at FTX
Richard Ells  
Empowering a Generation with Crypto
09:35am GMT+2

Cryptocurrency and its underlying technology, blockchain, have the power to change lives, to generate prosperity, empower people in remote and underserved communities, and unlock the global digital economy for the nearly 1.7 billion people who are currently unbanked. But how many cryptocurrencies have actually concerned themselves with going beyond being anything more than just a speculative tool? How many cryptocurrencies have focused on creating ways for people to earn crypto and then enable various ways for them to use their crypto in their daily lives? Cryptocurrency can effectively help billions of people in a world that has demonstrated that it can change practically overnight. Crypto has the power to provide people and their communities a path to greater prosperity. Doing so can spark mainstream adoption, although not before adopting regulations for their protection. Regulations help build trust and that, in turn, is arguably the key element that will appeal to traditional businesses that are currently crypto-skeptics.

Founder at Electroneum and Founder and CEO at
David Gitonga  
How Digital Blockchain Education is Helping to Grow the Ecosystem
09:55am GMT+2

David will discuss the importance and value that comes from digital education on the African continent. He will also discuss his experience building this content and how BitcoinKE has grown to serve over 100, 000 Africa-focused entrepreneurs and businesses.

Director and Founder at BitcoinKE
Pretty Kubyane  
Using Blockchain for Food Security and Financial Inclusion
10:15am GMT+2

Africa's agricultural productivity is very low, averaging 300 to 500 kg/ha as compared to 2.5 tons/ha in the United States, for example. To what extent do centralised supply chains create, contribute or worsen this situation? Lower access to data, or community cohesion is isolating African small scale farmers, elbowing them out of the main-frames of production streams of crop producing ecosystems. These and more, is what Pretty will unpack in this talk of how blockchain, a seemingly sophisticated technology, is well positioned to be used for day to day operations by these farmers, whose priorities are to run sustainable farms, as they use it to their advantage.

COO and Co-Founder of Coronet Blockchain
Tea/Coffee Break
11:15am GMT+2
Mru Patel  
Future of Digital Banking
11:30am GMT+2
Chief Executive Officer at Sapian Group
Lunch Break
12:30pm GMT+2
Blockchain in Healthcare
13:30pm GMT+2
Michelle Chivunga Nsanzumuco  
Keynote Address: Blockchain & The Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA)
13:50pm GMT+2
Founder/CEO & Investor at Global Policy House, Senior Advisor to Government of Bermuda, African Union, British Blockchain & Fintech4Good Lead for Africa
Herco Steyn  
A Holistic Approach to Crypto Asset Regulation in South Africa
14:10pm GMT+2
Senior Fintech Specialist in the South African Reserve Bank’s (SARB) Fintech Unit
Alex McDougall  
14:40pm GMT+2
Co-founder of Bicameral Ventures
Tea/Coffee Break
15:00pm GMT+2
Brandon Topham  Marc Taverner  David Zacks  Ivars Zukovskis  
Panel: The Regulatory Landscape of Blockchain and Digital Assets
15:15pm GMT+2

What is the regulatory stance on crypto assets in the US, Europe, UK and Africa? What are the implications of the Securities Exchange Commissions (SEC) lawsuit with Ripple, on other cryptocurrencies? How are regulators clamping down on crypto exchanges that do not have proper KYC and AML policies in place? How does the Financial Action Task Force's (FATF's) "travel rule” impact crypto related businesses? What are the challenges and what are the focus areas for regulated entities? Will compliance with regulations become a key differentiator with competitors or will users not care and go for what is faster, cheaper and where liquidity is available?

Divisional Executive for Enforcement at the Financial Sector Conduct Authority
Executive Director of INATBA
Chief Compliance Officer at Bitflyer USA
Chief Compliance Officer for bitFlyer Europe
Ciaran Adrian Ryan  Modibe Matsepane  Michelle Chivunga Nsanzumuco  
Panel: Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) for a Regional Payment System
16:00pm GMT+2

Moderated by Ciaran Ryan. As digital currencies are gaining momentum globally, central banks are intensifying their research and efforts on blockchain technology and issuance of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). What are the economic and institutional motivation for CBDC development and implementation? What impact will CBDCs have in a country?

Editor at Moneyweb Crypto
Community Coordinator for Africa at Paxful
Founder/CEO & Investor at Global Policy House, Senior Advisor to Government of Bermuda, African Union, British Blockchain & Fintech4Good Lead for Africa
John Lombela  
Closing Address
17:00pm GMT+2

The Master of Ceremonies will close off the conference with a few final thoughts.

Founder and CEO at Axalio, Founder of Cryptovecs Capital and Innovecs Consulting