Bitcoin Events hosted its inaugural Bitcoin Africa Conference at the Atlantic Imbizo Conference and Function Studio at the Waterfront in Cape Town on the 16 – 17 April 2015. International and local expert speakers included well-known South African entrepreneur, Vinny Lingham, early adopter and well-known Venture Capitalist, Brock Pierce, CEO of Gem, Micah Winkelsprecht, Chief Compliance Officer of Luno, Erik-Wilgenhof-Plante.

Vinny Lingham, the CEO of Gyft was the Keynote Speaker and he discussed how his company Gyft was the first e-commerce company in the US to have adopted bitcoin on its platform for customers to pay for gift cards using bitcoin.

The speakers discussed topics ranging from venture capitalist funding in bitcoin, how blockchain can be used in identity, using bitcoin to power smart metres for electricity, using bitcoin for remittances, how bitcoin adoption is growing in Africa and how companies are implementing compliance measures with regards to Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML). Sponsors included Gem, Gyft, BitPesa, Bankymoon and PayFast.