Tereo – A school of excellence for street children and children at risk

Changing the future – one child at a time

The Tereo School

is a faith-based, non-profit organisation, established in 1999 as a school for street children and children at risk in the Helderberg Basin, who for some social/traumatic event or circumstances, fell out of the formal education system or have never been part of it, therefore providing an opportunity to learn in a place of safety.

Tereo Community School provides education, daily meals, clothing and much needed emotional support to the children. No matter what the child’s circumstance, Tereo’s doors are open; ready to give these children a chance to get the education that every child has a basic right to.

What it means to be a street child

Street children are exposed to the horrors of poverty, witness alcohol abuse, are exposed to drugs, violence, and physical abuse daily. Children often arrive on an empty stomach and don’t expect receiving food when returning home. They are frequently beaten, raped, or molested themselves or are witnesses to this trauma. Some of these children have physical or mental challenges as a result of their mothers partaking in drugs or excessive alcohol whilst pregnant.

This includes Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and other behavioural and concentration problems that can never be cured and, in some instances, may not be treated due to their financial circumstances.

Get Involved

Tereo is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO 010-517) with PBO status.Donations made to Tereo are tax deductible.

Via bank transfer, SnapScan, MySchool, GivenGain and Zapper.
For bank transfers: bank details are:
Account name: Tereo Project, Bank: First National Bank, Account number: 62009313339, Branch name: Helderberg, Branch code: 271344, Swift code: FIRNZAJJ