Carmelle Cadet

Founder and CEO of EMTECH

A passionate advocate for financial inclusion and economic development in emerging markets, Carmelle founded EMTECH, a NY-based Fintech, to help Central Banks around the world with adopting modern technologies to provide financial inclusion by design and develop resilient financial market infrastructures.

Carmelle is an experienced Finance and Business Leader in the Enterprise IT sector, with specializations in the Financial Services and Blockchain Technologies. A passionate advocate for financial inclusion and economic development.

For the last 3 years, Carmelle worked on Digital Currency technologies and strategies for the purpose of addressing financial inclusion and lowering the cost of cross border payments. After a 10-year career at IBM in Corporate Finance/Treasury and Software Business Development Executive, Carmelle is now a sought-after thought leader and innovator in financial services, central banking technology and blockchain with the mission of providing everyone access to a digital cash infrastructure.

Carmelle engages with Central Banks from Africa to the Caribbean to enable their transition to the digital currency era in an inclusive way. She earned her Executive MBA from New York University and was also named NYC Fintech Women’s Inspiring Fintech Females 2019.