Marc Taverner

Executive Director of INATBA

Marc Taverner is the Executive Director of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (, the pre-eminent nonprofit organization supporting the growth of DLT & blockchain technologies. INATBA does this by engaging public and private audiences to address and reduce frictions that inhibit market growth. As executive director, Marc works with INATBA’s members to host bilateral conversations between governments (including the European Commission) and companies to inform policies and regulations and advance the international adoption of blockchain. Most recently, he led INATBA to partner with the European Commission and the University College London to create a pandemic blockchain task force to convene key players in the blockchain ecosystem to activate resources and deploy tech solutions for the governmental, social, and commercial challenges caused by COVID-19. Marc has been active in the global blockchain ecosystem for more than six years, working across 20 countries, engaging with organisations from core cryptocurrency companies to governments and financial institutions, to large corporates and industry associations.

Prior to joining INATBA, he was the Global Ambassador and head of Business Development for the Bitfury Group, one of Europe’s largest blockchain unicorns. To INATBA he brings a unique set of experiences gained from a career in start-ups and industry-leading companies. The founder of a successful modem distribution company, Nuvo, Marc has held leadership roles with many top technology companies, including Genesys Conferencing, the world’s largest provider of unified communications services, and Promethean, a market leader in educational technology solutions.