Big names to take the stage at the Blockchain Africa Conference 2019

Big names take to the stage at the Blockchain Africa Conference 2019

Africa’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency conference hosted by Bitcoin Events will see influencers, innovators and entrepreneurs presenting in Johannesburg on 28 February – 1 March and in Cape Town on 6 March 2019.

Keynote Speaker at the Johannesburg conference
28 February 2019

Mr Brian Behlendorf – Executive Director of the Hyperledger Project.


His topic is ‘The Post-Lambo Era: Blockchain Technology Gets Real’ and looks at the many industries and systems where blockchain technology is deployed, and which key weaknesses the technology will address this year.

Mr Behlendorf was recently named one of the top 10 influential voices in the blockchain world by a New York Times commentary ‘The People Leading the Blockchain Revolution’.

He is the Executive Director of the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project that oversees many blockchain projects.

They recently announced a new collaborative framework with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, which is significant as it aims to drive mass adoption of blockchain among companies and promote greater collaboration across the two communities.


Joint Keynote Speakers at the Cape Town conference


Premier Helen Zille

Premier of the Western Cape


Minister Beverley Ann Schäfer

Western Cape Minister of Economic Opportunities

Premier Zille gives strategic direction to provincial departments by developing policy and the Provincial Plan of Action. Minister Schäfer currently serves as Western Cape Minister of Economic Opportunities. She is also a Member of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament.

Their interest in this conference stems from the Western Cape Government’s key focus areas of higher economic growth and job creation through skills development and education, especially around emerging technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Speakers at the Cape Town conference

Mr Marcus Swanepoel

Co-founder and CEO
of Luno

Passionate about finance and technology, Mr Swanepoel is a strong believer in the positive change technology can bring to the world. He is the Co-founder and CEO of Luno, South Africa’s 1st and largest cryptocurrency exchange, and one of Africa’s best blockchain tech export success stories. In 2018, Luno reached two million customers worldwide.

“It’s once again a privilege for Luno to be associated with Africa’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency conference. Blockchain Africa plays an integral role in the building of the African crypto and blockchain ecosystem. It provides people with a platform to challenge their own views around technology and to think about how it can shape and revolutionise the financial sector in years to come,” says Mr Swanepoel.

Mr Riccardo ‘Fluffypony’ Spagni

Head of Investor Relations and Lead Maintainer of the Monero blockchain project

Mr Spagni, a regular attender and speaker at bitcoin and blockchain conferences, and a rising profile in the crypto space, is the Lead Maintainer at Monero.

Monero is a private, secure and untraceable cryptocurrency currently ranked 14th on Transactions on Monero use cryptography and offer financial privacy for its users.

Mr Spagni believes a decentralised system, such as a cryptocurrency, is useless unless privacy is mandatory. He is therefore pushing to ensure that any privacy enhancements become mandatory. “It’s a heavy, heavy responsibility. It means we need to be careful and absolutely sure about the things we do,” says Mr Spagni.

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The Conference

Bitcoin Events has hosted The Blockchain Africa Conference since 2015, and this year it takes place at The Wanderers Club in Illovo, Johannesburg on 28 February – 1 March, and at the Cape Town International Convention Centre 2 on 6 March.

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