Lohan Spies

Founder and CEO of DIDx and Chair of Sovrin Steward Council

Lohan has been a Co-founder of various cybersecurity and blockchain-based ventures in digital identity and personal data protection, a DApp called Amply aimed towards dematerialising the early childhood development subsidy claims to optimising the impact market with the IXO protocol; the blockchain for impact. His latest venture – DIDx focuses on self-sovereign identity and cybersecurity. As a serial entrepreneur and self-sovereign identity thought leader, he continues to find motivation in building start-ups that leverage exponential technology and decentralised trust networks with the vision to achieve the identity for all. He is also a founding steward of the Sovrin Network and chair of the Sovrin Steward Council and ex-officio Sovrin Foundation board member and trustee. Furthermore, he is an active participant/member in the South African Financial Blockchain Consortium (SAFBC), South African National Blockchain Alliance (SANBA), World Economic Forum Digital Identity Coalition, Bankserv Digital Identity project, Decentralised Identity Foundation, Trust over IP Foundation and a frequent speaker on self-sovereign identity.

  • https://www.didx.co.za