Maria Eisner Pelch

Senior Manager, ESG and Sustainability Lead at Concordium

Maria Pelch is a Senior Manager at Concordium, a public science-backed blockchain designed to balance privacy with accountability through its novel ID framework. At Concordium, Maria is leading the work on ESG and sustainability focusing on building transparent, trusted Carbon Markets and creating a new paradigm for verified ESG reporting for corporates.

Additionally, Maria is driving the work with large enterprises and governments to help migrate global business to blockchain – from supply chain solutions to new marketing channels using NFTs. She has 7 years of experience working with bleeding edge technologies as artificial intelligence and blockchain, helping numerous blue-chip companies and governments pioneer solutions within the intersection of technology, business and society.

Prior to joining Concordium, Maria had various roles at Deloitte, IBM as well as at an Nordic technology focused think tank. She earned her MSc from Copenhagen Business School, with adventures to Harvard University, National University of Singapore and INSEAD.