Welcome Address and Opening by Master of Ceremonies
Keynote Address
Chris Becker (Keynote Speaker)  
Keynote Address: Banking on Blockchain
Blockchain Lead at Investec Private Banking
Clark Thompson  
Building the Blockchain Ecosystem: Consensys Tools and Solutions

A brief overview of the 900+ Consensys family, our products and services and how our multiple Ethereum-based solutions and tools can accelerate the development of the blockchain ecosystem and deliver enterprise-grade solutions for companies. governments and individuals. The talk will cover a range of services of interest to business and technical audience members.

Global Solution Architecture Lead at Consensys
Tea/coffee Break
Tone Vays (Keynote Speaker)  
Keynote Address: Bitcoin's Value Proposition
Content Creator, Derivatives Trader and Consultant
Gary de Beer  
The Practical State of Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) in 2020 - Real Solutions and Demos

Gary's talk will cover various Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) projects, both global and local, that have been implemented or are underway. Gary will describe each use-case, covering the purpose and broad range of technology stacks in use, and he will showcase live demos of a few of these implementations, including two that have been locally developed. Ultimately he will show that SSI is here and that it is achievable in practice using the highest of tech AND with almost no fancy tech at all.

Application Development Specialist at BankservAfrica
Loretta Joseph  
The Financial Action Task Force's (FATF) Guidance on Blockchain-Based Digital Identity and Its Impact on the Eco-System
Fintech and Regulatory Consultant to Financial Services Commission Mauritius, Blockchain Advisor at OECD, Fintech Advisor in Bermuda
Jean Paul Fabri  
Role of Blockchain and AI in a Country's Digital Transformation

In a paper that is about to published by The Commonwealth Secretariat, JP looks at the role of blockchain in digital transformation for developing countries. This talk will look at the foundations that will be required for a blockchain-based environment to thrive. This is a turning point in human history whereby the advent of such technologies can lead countries to achieve exponential benefits and leap-frog stages of development. However, there needs to be a process of digital transformation for this to happen.

Managing Director at ARQ
Paresh Daya  Michelle Nsanzumuco  
Panel: How Can the 4iR and the Use of Exponential Tech Help Drive Africa Forward? What are Some of the Hurdles that We Face on the Continent?
Blockchain Strategist at Standard Bank
Chair of the International Committee/Senior Regional Advisor (Africa) at the British Blockchain Association (BBA) and Executive Education Lead at University of Surrey Business School, UK
Closing Address

The Master of Ceremonies will close off Day 1 of the conference.

Cocktail and Network Event

The networking event will be hosted at the venue. All are welcome to attend.

Welcome Address by Master of Ceremonies
Bronwyn Williams  Stephen Young  
Incentivised, Decentralised Economics

The talk will take the format of an interview and cover the key concepts behind emerging decentralised economic incentive structures - aka "minimally extractive protocols" - using as a case study.

Futurist, Economist and Trend Analyst
Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Coindirect and
Akhona Damane  
Enabling R&D and Innovation Collaboration on Blockchain and AI

Mr Damane will discuss the initiatives and roadmap of the Office of Digital Advantage (ODA), which is the portfolio management unit for the implementation of the Department of Science and Innovation's ICT Research, Development and Innovation Roadmap for 2013-2023. Since 2013 the government Department of Science and Innovation has invested in ICT Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) initiatives as part of the Cabinet-approved Roadmap. A number of initiatives have been explored which facilitated joint investment in human capital development at Masters and PhD levels, and collaboration on RDI with industry and international partners through programs such as the Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research (CAIR), Mobile Laboratory of Southern Africa, Data Science for Impact and Decision Enhancement (DSIDE) and South African National Blockchain Alliance (SANBA). Though partnerships government seeks to achieve scale and impact. Mr Damane's presentation will discuss various co-investment instruments and recent examples of how the initiatives have benefited government, industry and South African community at large.

Office of Digital Advantage at CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research)
Mpho Dagada  
South Africa's Plan to Deal With Blockchain Technology

Developing a Framework for the Implementation of a Multi-Sectoral Strategy as Part of President Cyril Ramaphosa's Presidential Commission on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Mr. Dagada will be covering much of what the Presidential Commission is planning with regards to the digital currency and cryptocurrency space. He will also be delving into the insights, opportunities as well as partnerships with government for cryptocurrency and blockchain companies and start-ups. He will also be speaking about the new Capital Risk Fund which is aimed at Fourth Industrial Revolution projects.

Member of the Presidential Commission on the Fourth Industrial Revolution(4IR)
Dr. Ntuthuko Bhengu  
Blockchain in Healthcare
Founder and Executive Chairman, Alchemy Health Technologies (Pty) Ltd
Mervyn George  
How Consumer Expectation is Driving the Need for Blockchain-Based Food Tracking

Consumers today care more about the purpose and integrity of a brand than the products they deliver. To the modern consumer, the ability to obtain relevant context about the sustainable sourcing of ingredients in products they view in-store is becoming a critical requirement. The combination of blockchain with other exponential technologies (such as mixed reality, AI and analytics) create new possibilities for consumer industries to ensure they deliver with full transparency, offering the necessary assurance required by the modern consumer. In this session, we introduce global use cases that SAP is delivering within food, beverage and pharmaceuticals industries, as well as a brief glimpse of how blockchain is disrupting traditional business processes in the supply chain.

Innovation Strategy Lead for Africa at SAP
Tea/coffee Break
Michelle Nsanzumuco  
Digital Economy/Digital Assets - Gamechanger to Drive AfCFTA and Growth in Africa?
Chair of the International Committee/Senior Regional Advisor (Africa) at the British Blockchain Association (BBA) and Executive Education Lead at University of Surrey Business School, UK
Anrich Daseman  
Regulation of Cryptocurrencies in South Africa - The South African Reserve Bank (SARB)
Senior Fintech Specialist at the South African Reserve Bank (SARB)
Carmelle Cadet  
Central Bank Digital Currencies for a Regional Payment System

As the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement enters its implementation phase, it critical for central banks to engage and provide modern payment infrastructure. Improving the physical infrastructure and regulatory frameworks are core requirement for this agreement to unlock the said potential. Additionally, new digital infrastructure is also required, specifically for the payment systems that will facilitate payments and financing of those trades. Moreover, MSMEs are poised to have access to new markets, and using the USD as settlement currency is not an option. Coming with alternative liquidity pooling schemes are sustainable for the region, is also another key benefit of Digital Currency-Based Payment Systems. We see the need for A Modern Central Bank Platform built on blockchain with digital currency technology. Coupled with Data Analytic and AI, such new payment platforms can support real-time final settlement, faster remittance to the unbanked MSMEs and trusted governance for the regulators.

Founder and CEO of EMTECH
Jonathan Galea  
Launching a Licensed Regulated Cryptocurrency Business in Malta

Malta has been trailblazing the regulatory efforts in the crypto-space by launching the first comprehensive framework of its kind in the world, targeting not only service providers such as exchanges and brokers, as well as issuers of coins/tokens, but also those wishing to obtain technical certification on their DLT-based technology arrangements. This session shall provide an overview of this framework, the benefits thereof, and success stories of established companies.

Managing Director at Blockchain Advisory Pty Ltd and President of BitMalta
Prof. Sope Williams-Elegbe  
Public Procurement, Corruption and Blockchain Technology: A Preliminary (Legal) Inquiry
Deputy Director, African Procurement Law Unit at Stellenbosch University
Obi Ejimofo  Michael Glaros  
Trade Finance Without Boundaries: Blockchain, Data Collaboratives and the Network of Networks

Michael, alongside Obi Ejimofo of the Africa Export-Import Bank, will cover the convergence of three major trends: the emergence of permissioned blockchain networks as the killer app for trade finance digitisation, promising technological developments to combine blockchain and AI alongside collaborative pooled data for new market insights, and the inherent opportunities provided by the African Continental Free Trade Agreement to help reduce the $120 billion finance gap faced by small and medium enterprises across the Continent.

Head of Commercialization and Market Solutions at Afrexim Bank
Principal Program Manager, Azure Blockchain at Microsoft
Georges Foaleng  Carmelle Cadet  Loretta Joseph  
The Regulatory Landscape of Blockchain, Digital Assets and AI: Opportunities for Countries

What are the concerns that regulators have with blockchain, digital assets and AI? How are countries currently regulating these technologies? How are regulators considering regulating them in the future? What are the potential risks of an unregulated market? What are the benefits of Central Bank digital currencies for regional payment systems? What are the opportunities blockchain, AI and digital assets offer for countries?

Founder of Foaleng and Sonwa and Senior Risk Analyst at the Central Bank of Cameroon
Founder and CEO of EMTECH
Fintech and Regulatory Consultant to Financial Services Commission Mauritius, Blockchain Advisor at OECD, Fintech Advisor in Bermuda
Closing Address

The Master of Ceremonies will close off the conference with a few final thoughts.