Due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions, the conference was hosted as a virtual event and not in Johannesburg, South Africa.

10:00am GMT+2
John Kamara (MC)  
Welcome Address and Opening by Master of Ceremonies
11:00am GMT+2
Founder of Adanian Labs and Afyarekod and Chairman of the African Blockchain Centre
Jeff Mei  
Hacks and Checks: What Keeps a Cryptocurrency Exchange Secure?
11:15am GMT+2

The dreaded breach and infiltration, designed at the core to bring crypto exchanges to their knees. Crypto exchanges often make the headlines for the wrong reasons; what are exchanges doing to ramp up security, and what can users do to ensure the safety of their digital assets?

Director of Global Strategy at Huobi Group
Siddharth Singhal  
Polkadot: Providing Business Solutions
11:50am GMT+2
Director of Enterprise at Parity Technologies
Misha Lederman  
Keynote Address: Klever Finance and the Klever Ecosystem
12:25pm GMT+2

Klever Finance is a trusted permissioned blockchain network for the emerging decentralised economy, by providing a safer, faster and smarter cryptocurrency experience for all users globally to enter and thrive within. Misha will discuss the Klever Ecosystem and the importance of blockchain technology.

Director of Communications at Klever
Anushka Soma-Patel  Mark Brits  Sean Mouton  Terry Kelly  Dalene Deale  Lohan Spies  
Panel: The Value of SSI to Organisations and Citizens in a South African Context
13:10pm GMT+2

Moderated by Lohan Spies. Existing traditional identity systems are fragmented, insecure and exclusive. Blockchain technology allows more secure management and storage of digital identities by providing unified, interoperable, and tamper-proof infrastructure with several benefits to enterprises, users and management systems. What is the value of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) for organisations and citizens? What are the current initiatives and traction of SSI in South Africa? What are the economic benefits and the hurdles to SSI adoption in South Africa?

Product Manager for Atala PRISM Ecosystem at Input Output (IOHK)
Senior General Manager at The Banking Association South Africa
Chief Technology Manager Head of R&D at Absa
Founder and Director at The Digital Databank
Executive Head at Secure Citizen
Founder and CEO of DIDx and Chair of Sovrin Steward Council
Norbert Amankwaa Adomako  
Metis Layer 2
13:50pm GMT+2

Norbert will discuss how Metis is building a hub for the entire Web3 economy in 3 stages: a Layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution; no-code integration via smart contract templates, and a Decentralised Autonomous Company (DAC) infrastructure enabling both blockchain and Web2 companies to build decentralised businesses on-chain, with all the functionalities of real-world enterprises and all the advantages of blockchain technology.

Chief of Communications at Metis
Ernest Mbenkum  
Blockchain in Action in Africa
14:25pm GMT+2
Founder and CEO of Interstellar Inc.
Tea/Coffee Break
14:50pm GMT+2
Samy Karim  
Drivers of Blockchain Infra and Global Adoption
15:00pm GMT+2
Ecosystem Development at BNB Chain
Dr. Edward Obasi  
Keynote Address: DafriGroup is Revolutionalising Banking and Finance in Africa Through DafriBank Digital Limited and DafriXchange Pro
15:30pm GMT+2

Dr. Obasi will discuss how DafriBank Digital Limited (a Comoros licensed Digital Bank set up by DafriGroup) facilitates banking, finance and crypto adoption in Africa and globally.

COO at DafriGroup PLC
Emmanuel Babalola  Ernest Mbenkum  Elendu Uche  Elizabeth Rossiello  
Panel: Next Generation of Cross-Border Payments in Africa
16:15pm GMT+2

Moderated by Ernest Mbenkum. The traditional correspondent banking model results in high fees for both FX and transaction costs, with settlement ranging between 1-5 days. These inefficiencies can significantly impact the end user. Digital assets are emerging as changing the game for international payments, especially in Africa. While there is some regulatory uncertainty surrounding how digital assets function in the global economy, the value add they bring to cross-border transfers is undeniable.

Director at Binance Africa
Founder and CEO of Interstellar Inc.
CEO of AppZone Switch
Founder and CEO of AZA Finance
Kamran Shahin  
Enabling Safe and Compliant Crypto Transactions
17:00pm GMT+2

Blockchain and crypto adoption is on the rise due to technological advancements, increasing institutional investment, and the rise of new use cases such as Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are attracting an increasing number of consumers. This session will provide an overview of the key initiatives Mastercard is pursuing to enable safe and compliant crypto payments for consumers, and to help fintechs, issuers, merchants, and regulators in their exploration of the blockchain and crypto space.

Vice President of Product Development – Blockchain and Digital Currencies for the EEMEA region at Mastercard
Viv Diwakar  Elisha Akyaw  Samy Karim  Dave Uhryniak  
Panel: Smart Contract Blockchains for Businesses
17:30pm GMT+2

Moderated by Elisha Akyaw. Smart contracts can redefine business and are one of the biggest reasons that people are excited about both blockchain technology and investing in cryptocurrency. Which smart contract platforms are ahead of the rest and why?

Director of Technology, Strategy at The HBAR Foundation
Social Media Specialist at Cointelegraph
Ecosystem Development at BNB Chain
Director of Blockchain Strategy at TRON
John Kamara (MC)  
Closing Address
18:10pm GMT+2

The Master of Ceremonies will close off Day 1 of the conference.

Founder of Adanian Labs and Afyarekod and Chairman of the African Blockchain Centre
Networking Event
18:15pm GMT+2

All delegates are invited to attend the networking event virtually.

10:00am GMT+2
John Kamara (MC)  
Welcome Address by Master of Ceremonies
11:00am GMT+2
Founder of Adanian Labs and Afyarekod and Chairman of the African Blockchain Centre
Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr  Kalin Metodiev  Dimitrios Kavvathas  
Panel: Cryptocurrency Institutional Investment: Increasing Returns and Improving Diversification
11:05am GMT+2

Moderated by Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr.

Editor-in-Chief at Cointelegraph
Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Nexo
Chief Strategy Officer at Amber Group
Christopher Light  
Unlocking the Value of Livestock in Africa with Blockchain
11:45am GMT+2

The talk will highlight the blockchain-powered healthy livestock solution developed by E-Livestock Global and launched in Zimbabwe, as the first pilot case and under rapid expansion in several other countries.

Founder and CEO of E-Livestock Global
Rory Bowen  Dr. Christopher Cleverly  
Using Blockchain Technology to Change Farming in Africa
12:10pm GMT+2
Chief Of Staff at Tingo International Holdings
President at Tingo International Holdings
Cyrine Ben Fadhel  Gideon Greaves  Ruby Nimkar  Chris Maurice  Anil Hansjee  
Panel: Crypto and Blockchain Investments - From a VC Perspective
12:40pm GMT+2

Moderated by Ruby Nimkar. Even in an uncertain regulatory environment a staggering $32.8 billion was invested into crypto and blockchain technology businesses in 2021. Is this trend set to continue and what type of businesses are these that are receiving this investment?

Investment Associate at Global Ventures
Managing Director for Africa at CV VC
Fund Partner at GreenHouse Capital Africa
CEO and Co-founder of Yellow Card
General Partner at Fabric Ventures
Sabrina Tachdjian  Nathan Williams  Anzill Adams  Michael Awori  Gerhard Dinhof  
Panel: Blockchain: Improving Margins, Visibility and Transparency Throughout the Supply Chain
13:20pm GMT+2

Moderated by Nathan Williams.

Head of Fintech and Payments at the HBAR Foundation
Founder and CEO of Minespider
Founder and CEO of DataLedger
Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank (TDB)
Senior Architect and Blockchain Country Lead for IBM South Africa
Tea/Coffee Break
14:00pm GMT+2
Herco Steyn  
Divergence or Convergence: CBDC, Stablecoins and Crypto
14:10pm GMT+2

Herco's talk will provide a regulatory update within the context of South Africa, including central-bank specific topics and initiatives by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and the South African Reserve Bank (SARB). The talk will also include regulatory considerations of various countries towards stablecoins and DeFi regulation. Herco will also discuss some of the latest views from international bodies on digital money such as the BIS and the Financial Stability Board.

Senior Fintech Specialist in the South African Reserve Bank’s (SARB) Fintech Unit
Ian Putter  
What is the Status of Blockchain in Banking in South Africa?
14:45pm GMT+2
Head Blockchain COE, Innovation as a Service at Standard Bank
Sophia Shluger  
Digital Wealth: The Evolution of Value
15:15pm GMT+2

As the concept of wealth changes, with innovations in the financial ecosystem and digital assets going mainstream, there is an urgent need for investors to rethink the way they build wealth in a future that is increasingly digitised and decentralised. Sophia will discuss this and how Amber Group help shape this decentralised future.

Managing Director at Amber Group UK
Arushi Goel  Dr. Praphul Chandra  Wiehann Olivier  Carmelle Cadet  Ashlin Perumall  
Panel: The State of Digital Asset Regulation in Africa and Globally
15:35pm GMT+2

Moderated by Carmelle Cadet.

Data Policy and Blockchain at World Economic Forum
Founder at Koinearth
Partner and Digital Assets Lead at Mazars South Africa
Founder and CEO of EMTECH
Partner at Baker McKenzie
Chinedu Obidiegwu  Ciaran Adrian Ryan  Bishnen Kumalo  Carmelle Cadet  
Panel: Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs): How Will the Future Unfold?
16:15pm GMT+2

Moderated by Ciaran Ryan. Central banks stand at the centre of a rapid transformation of the financial sector and the payment system and as such are engaged in the development of retail and wholesale CBDCs. Nigeria recently became the first African country to launch its CBDC, the eNaira. What are the potential market structure effects, technical risks, and rights implications of a CBDCs? How will this all unfold in the future?

Business Development Lead at Luno Nigeria
Editor at Moneyweb Crypto
Executive Head of Modernisation South Africa, BankservAfrica
Founder and CEO of EMTECH
Charles Hoskinson  
Keynote Address: Input Output in Africa
17:10pm GMT+2
Founder and CEO of IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong) and Founder of Cardano
James Zhang  Tessy Mosindi  Jay Shapiro  Cordel Robbin-Coker  Jackson Vaughan  Yele Bademosi  
Panel: Blockchain in Gaming in Africa
17:55pm GMT+2

Moderated by Jackson Vaughan.

Founder of Jambo
Co-Founder & COO of Kingdom of Kush and Founder of Educating Africa
Founder and CEO of Usiku Games
Co-Founder and CEO of Carry1st
Managing Partner at Konvoy
Co-Founder and CEO at Nestcoin
Piers Ridyard  Lane Kasselman  
Fireside Chat: New Economy: Crypto as the Financial System of the Internet?
18:35pm GMT+2

Hosted by Piers Ridyard. There is an unprecedented level of distrust in traditional financial institutions now more than ever, with crypto emerging at the forefront of improving access to financial services for people who historically haven’t accessed them. Lane will discuss how crypto is emerging as the financial system of the internet, and how blockchain is impacting access to financial services. As optimism continues to grow toward crypto, Lane will speak to this new inflection point as crypto adoption increases among both consumers and institutions, and what this means for companies opening up in this space.

CEO at RDX Works
Chief Business Officer at
John Kamara (MC)  
Closing Address
19:10pm GMT+2

The Master of Ceremonies will close off the conference with a few final thoughts.

Founder of Adanian Labs and Afyarekod and Chairman of the African Blockchain Centre