The programme is still being finalised and is subject to change. This is a hybrid event with some of the speakers participating virtually and some in-person in Johannesburg. This is indicated on the speakers profile.

08:00am GMT+2
John Kamara (MC)  
Welcome Address and Opening by Master of Ceremonies
09:00am GMT+2
Founder of Adalabs and Afyarekod and Chairman of the African Blockchain Centre
Keynote Address
09:10am GMT+2
The State of Blockchain in Enterprise
09:55pm GMT+2
Blockchain and Trade Finance
10:25am GMT+2
Smart Contract Blockchains for Businesses
10:55am GMT+2
Tea/Coffee Break
11:20am GMT+2
Panel: Blockchain: Improving Margins, Visibility and Transparency Throughout the Supply Chain
11:35am GMT+2
Lunch Break
12:30pm GMT+2
Panel: Digital Identity and Trust: A Blockchain Framework
13:00pm GMT+2

Existing traditional identity systems are fragmented, insecure and exclusive. Blockchain technology allows more secure management and storage of digital identities by providing unified, interoperable, and tamper-proof infrastructure with several benefits to enterprises, users and management systems. What issues can digital identities solve, what challenges exist, who will take the lead in implementation of digital identities and will 2022 be the year we see greater adoption of blockchain-enabled digital identities?

Norbert Amankwaa Adomako  
Metis Layer 2
13:40pm GMT+2

Norbert will discuss how Metis is building a hub for the entire Web3 economy in 3 stages: a Layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution; no-code integration via smart contract templates, and a Decentralised Autonomous Company (DAC) infrastructure enabling both blockchain and Web2 companies to build decentralised businesses on-chain, with all the functionalities of real-world enterprises and all the advantages of blockchain technology.

Chief of Communications at Metis
Ernest Mbenkum  
Blockchain in Action in Africa
14:15pm GMT+2
Founder and CEO of Interstellar Inc.
Panel: Is the Future of Digital Payments Stablecoins?
14:45pm GMT+2

The benefits of stablecoins are well-known: lower-cost, safe, real-time, and more competitive payments including connecting the unbanked or underbanked. Though still little-used for commerce, the use of stablecoins in crypto trading has grown rapidly But there are risks and recently stablecoins have come under close scrutiny. How does the future look for stablecoins and will regulation foster its growth and adoption?

Ian Putter  
Panel: Blockchain in Banking
15:30pm GMT+2

Are banks innovating quickly enough to keep up with disruption from Decentralised Finance (DeFi), cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology?

Head Blockchain COE, Innovation as a Service at Standard Bank
Ernest Mbenkum  Uche Elendu  Elizabeth Rossiello  
Panel: Next Generation of Cross-Border Payments in Africa
16:15pm GMT+2

The traditional correspondent banking model results in high fees for both FX and transaction costs, with settlement ranging between 1-5 days. These inefficiencies can significantly impact the end user. Digital assets are emerging as changing the game for international payments, especially in Africa. While there is some regulatory uncertainty surrounding how digital assets function in the global economy, the value add they bring to cross-border transfers is undeniable.

Founder and CEO of Interstellar Inc.
CEO of AppZone Switch
Founder and CEO of AZA Finance
John Kamara (MC)  
Closing Address
17:00pm GMT+2

The Master of Ceremonies will close off Day 1 of the conference.

Founder of Adalabs and Afyarekod and Chairman of the African Blockchain Centre
Networking Event
17:05pm GMT+2

All delegates are invited to attend the networking event that will be hosted at the venue.

08:00am GMT+2
John Kamara (MC)  
Welcome Address by Master of Ceremonies
09:00am GMT+2
Founder of Adalabs and Afyarekod and Chairman of the African Blockchain Centre
Christopher Light  
Unlocking the Value of Livestock in Africa with Blockchain
09:05am GMT+2

The talk will highlight the blockchain-powered healthy livestock solution developed by E-Livestock Global and launched in Zimbabwe, as the first pilot case and under rapid expansion in several other countries.

Founder and CEO of E-Livestock Global
African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA): Building Trade Opportunities
09:30am GMT+2

The combination of cryptocurrencies, the Pan-African Payment and Settlement System (PAPSS) and the freedom of trade offered by AfCFTA presents enormous potential for growth in the trade and logistics industry in Africa. What are the challenges and how soon could we see the benefits of these collaborations?

Tea/Coffee Break
11:00am GMT+2
Lunch Break
12:30pm GMT+2
Revolutionising Africa Through NFTs
13:00pm GMT+2
Blockchain in the Public Sector
13:30pm GMT+2
Herco Steyn  
Divergence or Convergence: CBDC, Stablecoins and Crypto
14:15pm GMT+2

Herco's talk will provide a regulatory update within the context of South Africa, including central-bank specific topics and initiatives by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and the South African Reserve Bank (SARB). The talk will also include regulatory considerations of various countries towards stablecoins and DeFi regulation. Herco will also discuss some of the latest views from international bodies on digital money such as the BIS and the Financial Stability Board.

Senior Fintech Specialist in the South African Reserve Bank’s (SARB) Fintech Unit
Cryptocurrency Institutional Investment: Increasing Returns and Improving Diversification
14:40pm GMT+2

Increased institutional investment has been the most important component within the normalisation of cryptocurrency and will continue to play a large role in capital flows and market sentiment. While a number of companies have already invested into the space, most are still constrained by investment mandates and a lack of trusted custodial/administrative services. Will 2022 be the year institutional investment into crypto significantly increases due to clear regulatory guidelines and trusted custodial solutions?

Panel: Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs): How Will the Future Unfold?
15:15pm GMT+2

Central banks stand at the centre of a rapid transformation of the financial sector and the payment system and as such are engaged in the development of retail and wholesale CBDCs. Nigeria recently became the first African country to launch its CBDC, the eNaira. What are the potential market structure effects, technical risks, and rights implications of a CBDCs? How will this all unfold in the future?

Panel: The State of Digital Asset Regulation in Africa and Globally
16:00pm GMT+2
John Kamara (MC)  
Closing Address
16:45pm GMT+2

The Master of Ceremonies will close off the conference with a few final thoughts.

Founder of Adalabs and Afyarekod and Chairman of the African Blockchain Centre