Anushka Soma-Patel

Product Manager for Atala PRISM Ecosystem at Input Output (IOHK)

Anushka has been shifting the dial on blockchain-based digital identity since 2018 and believes that this technology will enable a better tomorrow for all of us. She is currently the Product Manager for the Atala Prism Ecosystem at Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), Co-Chair of the South African Financial Blockchain Consortium (SAFBC) Identity Working Group, Lead writer for the AUDA-NEPAD Blockchain report, guest lecturer for blockchain at the University of Cape Town Fintech Program and member of South African National Blockchain Alliance (SANBA), BankservAfrica Digital Identity project and Trust over IP Foundation.

Anushka’s core purpose of ‘fairness and equality’ together with her respect for people provide a strong foundation for her to collaborate effectively. She understands that blockchain is a revolutionary technology that will allow the world to bring about positive changes that benefit customers and societies. Her experience in IT and Lean combined with her MBA qualification enables her to analyse this new technology ecosystem in the context of the world as we know it today and with the curiosity and open mindedness of the world that is being and can be enabled by blockchain technology. Her core purpose in life fuels the passion and energy with which Anushka drives initiatives within IOHK, Girls in tech and the SAFBC.