Brenton Naicker

Business Development Manager, Binance (South Africa)

Mr Naicker is an accomplished fintech professional with vast experience and qualification within the Cryptoasset and Blockchain technology space. He has an innate passion for learning, with a multi-faceted knowledge of the tech, finance and investment industry. Throughout his career he has accumulated a number of blockchain and crypto certifications and accolades under his belt, the most recent being the Oxford Enterprise Blockchain Strategy Program, from the Said Business School, Oxford University. Others include partial master’s program from the University of Nicosia, Malta, in Digital Currencies, Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) from the Cryptocurrency certification consortium(C4) and various IBM and Blockchain Council accreditations. Mr Naicker’s comprehensive knowledge and capabilities are built not only on his formal education in economics and finance but on the strength of rigorous research , deep intellect and understanding of the global capital markets and strategies. He has also gained a wealth of knowledge from attending crypto and blockchain talks, conferences and meet-ups around the world.

His expertise does not end there. He has also consulted for the South African Reserve Bank and was selected as one of the 30 stakeholders nationally to assist the South African Reserve Bank inter-departmental working group(IFWG) on Crypto Asset regulation. The purpose of the engagement was to assist the South African government to fully understand and regulate the crypto industry in South Africa. In addition, he is also a prolific writer and contributes regularly to Global Crypto – South Africa’s largest Blockchain community.

Mr. Naicker’s philanthropic heart is also the core focus of his daily activities. The founding principle his philanthropic venture is a genuine desire to make a difference. He founded a non-profit company called Blessed to Give, which aims to tackle and alleviate socio-economic ills in impoverished communities. The organisations main activities centre around daily and weekly community feeding schemes.