Dave Uhryniak

Director of Blockchain Strategy at TRON

Dave Uhryniak is the Blockchain Strategy Director at TRON, a leading blockchain platform throughout the Asia Pacific, that is rapidly increasing presence and exposure in North America. Joining TRON in January 2022, Dave will be a visible part of the team driving that effort and will identify key opportunities within the broad blockchain ecosystem, and ensure TRON is positioned to act on the opportunities.

Dave has been actively involved in blockchain since 2015 and has provided strategic guidance for global payment companies and insurance companies, among others. He has led the successful development of multiple use cases in financial services, healthcare, and the supply chain. He continually finds unique and creative ways to apply emerging technologies to enable corporations to achieve their strategic goals.

Dave began his career as an equity research analyst at a leading U.S. mutual fund company, where he conducted a thorough bottom-up analysis of global and regional financial services companies. Dave has often been quoted in leading media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg, and other publications.