Fabien Tabarly

Fabien Tabarly


Lt-colonel (r) Fabien Tabarly is a recently retired French Cavalry officer with strong operational and strategic experience in various operational airborne units.

He served in High-Risk countries and has been deployed in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan to name a few, and on several theaters of operations in Africa and the middle east.

He specialized in Middle Eastern studies and intelligence, with a particular interest in international relations in the MENA region.

In August 2019, NIGMA conseil was launched based on market demand: It is a security and intelligence consulting firm with offices in Paris and Beirut that has developed expertise in Blockchain analytics and forensics while conducting preventive risk assessments and tailored solutions for corporate clients.

NIGMA conseil has developed strong cooperation with POTECH consulting (cyber-security) and the Austrian Institue of Technologie (research), enhancing its own capacity to identify bad actors on the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is an active member of the Joint Working Group and its research on implementing the travel rule, and a member of France Fintech, the French Fintech cluster based in Paris.

NIGMA conseil developed e-NIGMA, an advanced AML/KYC compliance tool for VASPs and Banks offering custodian services, as well as for law enforcement agencies.