James Zhang

Founder of Jambo

James grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo in central Africa and his family has been doing international business in the region for three generations, mainly investing in local infrastructure that helps develop local rural communities.

James is a serial entrepreneur and avid investor and became involved with the crypto community starting in 2015 as a personal contributor. In 2017, he launched Black Panther Capital’s first blockchain FoF which invested in 10+ top tier token funds globally and also participated in Coinbase, Bitmain, Messari, and other well established industry leaders. Personally, James has also been a blockchain/crypto advocate throughout the years and personal advisor to many prominent organizations and institutions. James was invited to the Davos World Economic Forum as a blockchain forum panelist in Jan 2020 and spoke at the Singapore FinTech Week on the future of cryptocurrency in 2019, and usually known to the public as the “African guru”.
James graduated from New York University with a B.S in Computer Science.