Lane Kasselman

Chief Business Officer at

Kasselman has spent well over two decades consulting on public policy, crisis strategy and communications.

He’s done so for blue chip and start-up companies, celebrities and influencers, political campaigns, public officials and nonprofits. Four years ago Kasselman co-founded Greenbrier to help companies and individuals avoid, manage and recover from crises, and has worked with clients throughout the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia to solve complex reputational issues. In 2018 Greenbrier was acquired by The Messina Group.

Before Greenbrier, Kasselman headed communications and public affairs for Uber in the Americas and played a crucial role in creating permanent regulatory frameworks for Uber products in states and cities around the world. Prior to Uber, he worked as the Director of Communications and Public Affairs for AT&T and built the national model for winning regulatory and land-use campaigns in local markets.

Since 2009, he has served as founder of Kasselman LLC, a boutique non-partisan public affairs firm. It started with only one client, the Newsom for Governor Campaign, and has grown as a leader in the industry and an impressive client list of some of the most notable campaigns, officials, companies and nonprofits in the country. Earlier in his career, Kasselman was recruited by the Markham Group, the leading visual communication messaging firm in the Nation, to manage advance with then-Senator Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Exploratory Committee for President.

Originally from Santa Monica, California, Kasselman had an early passion for politics. He attended California State University Sacramento where he was offered his first communications job with Governor Gray Davis. Kasselman went to specialize in public interest law at Golden Gate University and was recruited out of law school to help lead policy for Mayor Gavin Newsom.