Michelle Chivunga

Michelle Chivunga N

Founder/CEO & Investor at Global Policy House, Senior Advisor to Government of Bermuda, African Union, WUSME & Fintech4Good

A digital transformation/ blockchain professional and investor with major access to an extensive network of global stakeholders in the digital economy and financing space. Michelle’s first engagement relating to the digital economy/blockchain was in 2009 and has since then been leading in evaluating the growth of the digital economy and potential of emerging technologies such as Blockchain/DLT, AI, Quantum computing, Big Data and others. Michelle has been undertaking research and educating on these with university partners and global institutions such as WTO, UN, World Bank, African Union and many others. Michelle previously worked for the British Bankers Association UK (now UK Finance) managing a range of corporate financing projects working with many global senior stakeholders – mainly with governments, business/ finance leaders and development institutions.

Michelle now owns her own digital and investment business exploring emerging technologies such as Blockchain technology in the context of emerging markets, trade, enterprise and sustainable development. Often referred to as a young thought leader in the Blockchain space, Michelle is working across borders to evaluate the impact of emerging technology for different segments of society including women/business/governments and others, helping to educate about how to leverage digital tools to drive forward social and economic development.

Michelle also holds several board positions as below :

  • Board Member – African Union Digital Trade and Transformation Taskforce
  • Board Member/Advisor to Premier (President) Bermuda and Government of Bermuda Global Fintech Advisory Board (GFAB)
  • Chair International/Foreign Affairs Committee and Senior Regional Advisor (Africa) – British Blockchain Association (BBA)
  • WEI Forward – Women Empowerment Champion- Implementation group UN High level Panel Women Economic Empowerment Wilton Park
  • FinTech4Good Advisor – New York City

In addition to the above Michelle has recently been appointed to be the Africa Lead for the International Chambers of Commerce UK.