Michelle Nsanzumuco


Michelle Nsanzumuco

Chair of the International Committee/Senior Regional Advisor (Africa) at the British Blockchain Association (BBA) and Executive Education Lead at University of Surrey Business School, UK

Michelle Chivunga Nsanzumuco has vast experience in managing a range of global projects working with many senior stakeholders – mainly with governments, business leaders and development institutions in both the private and public sectors.

Michelle is Chair of the international committee and senior regional advisor (Africa) at the British Blockchain Association (BBA) exploring emerging technologies such as Blockchain technology particularly in the context of international development, Climate change, trade and sustainable development. Furthermore often referred to as a young thought leader in the Blockchain space her focus is in reviewing the impact of this technology for different segments of society and supporting women/business/government and others for social/economic education and development. Michelle is extremely passionate about exploring the potential of Blockchain/DLT in the emerging/developing markets and is well recognized for her work in channeling the technology work to explore its impact for these groups. As BBA chair Michelle not only champions the opportunities that Blockchain presents but is keen to work in partnership to support the education around the technology and help shape regulatory and policy frameworks in this area. She believes leveraging the technology for sustainability, inclusivity, connectivity and responsible business digitization can be a catalyst for growth, productivity and sustainable development globally especially in emerging markets.

Michelle is also part of the University of Surrey, joining to evaluate emerging technologies including working on DLT/Blockchain projects within Surrey Business School’s Centre for Digital Economy. Michelle leads in designing Surrey business school executive education programs around leadership, digital and many other educational areas, designing innovative programs to support businesses, governments and other global institutions. Michelle is further responsible for growing the international footprint and forging partnerships with academia, businesses, governments and international groups, promoting research and monitoring global presence. Michelle has had engagement with groups like the OECD, Commonwealth, World Bank, World Trade organisation, European Banking Federation, HM Treasury, British Chambers of Commerce, EU Commission and many governments leads across the UK/EU/Globally. With a strong government and financing relationships globally and her ability to manage commercial projects, she also undertakes financing/ advisory projects through her own consultancy working with global institutions, national governments and SMEs.