Nick Hill

Nick Hill

Business Development at Invictus Capital

Nick works at Invictus Capital, a technology firm focusing on creating crypto financial products and services. Invictus Capital was the firm behind both Crypto20 and Hyperion. Crypto20 is a passive index fund of the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap. Over $40m was raised for the fund through an ICO in 2017. Hyperion is an active fund that invests in seed stage blockchain projects and has made 10 investments made to date.

Before getting into the blockchain world, Nick worked for 2 years in FinTech, building startups in a Fintech incubator – Frontier Lab. As part of Frontier Lab, he was one of the core team members of, a crowdfunding startup raising funding for university students’ fees. To date, has raised over R18m for students since its launch in 2017.

Besides blockchain technology, Nick is also passionate about education. He built an education analytics platform for university students ( Over 2500+ students have used the platform to do short quizzes and have answered 100 000+ questions to date.

Nick is a CA (SA) and is a CFA charter holder. He holds a Masters in Finance from the University of the Witwatersrand