Tessy Mosindi

Co-Founder & COO of Kingdom of Kush and Founder of Educating Africa

Tessy Mosindi is Head of Computer Science and COO and Co-founder at an Indie blockchain games company, Kingdom of Kush. She is also Founder of a non-profit that empowers disadvantaged African and Caribbean girls.

With over 20 years of experience building businesses, Tessy’s main focus remains championing underrepresented communities.

She has done so by founding Educating Africa, a non profit organisation focused on alleviating poverty through the education of African & Caribbean girls. As Head of Computer Science in a secondary school, she developed strategies to mitigate the gender gap in Computer Science. Additionally, as an angel investor in emerging markets, she invests in startups with diverse teams that identify pain points for usually marginalised groups.

Her previous experience includes building tech startups in the entertainment, services, clothing and Afro hair industry, mentoring women to develop their business and also creating communities for Black & Asian teachers in the UK.

She currently serves as co-founder of Kingdom of Kush which builds projects to empower and educate stakeholders in blockchain through gaming. Their game Siege is the first free-to-play Afro-fantasy NFT game with
dedicated blockchain mechanics.