Yele Bademosi

Co-Founder and CEO at Nestcoin

Yele Bademosi is CEO and Co-Founder of Nestcoin. Yele was previously the CEO and Co-Founder of Bundle, the Africa-focused social payments app for cash and crypto, aiming to drive crypto adoption in Africa and bringing more economic freedom and prosperity to all Africans. Yele is focused on developing the blockchain ecosystem in Africa, accelerating Africa’s transition into a sustainable and developed economy by leveraging capital, innovation and policy.

He is a Founding Partner at Microtraction, which funds Africa’s most remarkable teams at early-stage startups across multiple sectors including finance and cryptocurrency. Previously, he was a Director at Binance Labs, leading the Africa chapter of the Binance Labs Incubation Program–and General Manager of Starta Africa, an online community and resource platform for African entrepreneurs. He is a self-taught designer and developer and has created multiple apps and products, including a social app connecting university students in the UK.

Yele holds a Bachelor of Medical Sciences from King’s College London.