2nd annual Blockchain and Bitcoin Africa Conference announced

Bitcoin Events Pty Ltd is proud to announce its 2nd annual Blockchain and Bitcoin Africa Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa on 3-4 March 2016. We are very excited about the growth of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in Africa. Our Cape Town conference was sold out weeks in advance and we expect the same for next year’s Johannesburg conference.

Several African countries – such as Botswana, Kenya, Ghana and Zimbabwe – will be represented at the two-day conference in Johannesburg. There will be industry experts from around the world sharing their views on, as well as their experience of, the opportunities and challenges facing digital currencies such as bitcoin and blockchain technology. They will also discuss the digital currencies’ impact on the current social, economic and political environment.

A great deal of interest has recently been shown in blockchain technology by both financial and non-financial institutions. Some of the world’s largest banks are partnering with tech companies to explore how they can use this technology to potentially save billions of dollars and streamline their systems. Companies are investigating how they can use the technology to offer lower transactions fees for payments and remittances.

Blockchain technology also offers numerous benefits in terms of transparency for companies, and institutions are exploring how they can use this technology for voting, storing of information and executing smart contracts without the need for a third party. Attending the conference  will allow you to understand and participate in the growth of bitcoin and the blockchain ecosystem in Africa.