Date Set For Third Annual Blockchain Africa Conference: 1-3 March 2017, Johannesburg, South africa

Bitcoin Events Pty Ltd is excited to be hosting its third annual Blockchain Africa Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, 1-3 March 2017.

Blockchain technology and digital currencies are revolutionising the way we do business: how we store and retrieve information, how we transact, and how we send and receive money across the world.

In Africa, the open-source, decentralised and distributed nature of the blockchain creates new opportunities because the technology offers people, governments, companies and institutions an alternative to existing systems. For example, the blockchain opens new avenues for traditional banking, mobile banking, payments and remittance services. More and more start-ups and established companies are bypassing traditional operators and payment networks, while also offering businesses new ways of accepting payments.

The Blockchain Africa Conference brings together a range of expert local and international speakers who will discuss the challenges of the blockchain but will also look at how this technology can unlock great opportunities in Africa.

The Blockchain Africa Conference 2017 themes include:
Use Cases: What use cases exist or are being developed in payments, settlements, KYC, AML, the blockchain as a service and identity management?
Opportunities: What opportunities exist for using smart contracts and distributed ledger technology in finance, insurance and supply chain management?
Technology Challenges: What concerns exist around performance, scalability and blockchain infrastructure?
Regulatory Environment & Challenges: What regulatory frameworks and compliance exist currently? What concerns do the regulators have with this technology?

Bitcoin Events (Pty) Ltd will host a Blockchain workshop on the 1 March 2017 at the conference venue.

The aim of the workshop is to provide training to delegates wishing to expand their basic understanding of blockchain technology and to learn what companies and institutions are doing with this technology.

The format of the workshop will still be finalised.