Key speakers at the Blockchain Africa Conference 2018

Bitcoin Events’ 4th annual Blockchain Africa Conference has attracted some of the biggest names in disruptive technology from around the world.

Here are a few of the key speakers at this year’s conference.

Andrew Keys (USA) – Co-founder of ConsenSys Capital and former Head of Global Business Development at ConsenSys

Andrew’s interest in Ethereum blockchain solutions began when he co-founded a healthcare revenue cycle management company and realised how bad payment processing systems were.

He co-founded ConsenSys Capital to create Ethereum blockchain solutions for Fortune 500 companies and government, and co-created the first Ethereum Blockchain-as-a-Service offering with Microsoft. He started the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) which is now the largest open-source blockchain initiative on Earth.

Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar (Argentina) – CEO & Co-founder of RSK Labs (Rootstock)

Diego was one of the pioneers of web development in Argentina and Latin America in 1995, and has played a leading role in fostering Bitcoin technology in the region since 2012. He co-founded the Argentinean Bitcoin Community with over 2 000 registered members.

Diego works with disruptive technologies, turning them into usable tools for business and social transformation. RSK Labs was the first open-source, peer-to-peer smart contract platform and payment network powered by Bitcoin.

He is passionate about contributing to the development of (and plays a significant role in educating people about Bitcoin in) grassroots communities in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Henri Arslanian (China) – PwC FinTech & RegTech Leader for China/Hong Kong

Henri is passionate about the future of the financial and legal industries. As a TEDX speaker, Henri has spoken about ‘How FinTech is Shaping the Future of Banking’. He is a published author and has been a keynote speaker at numerous conferences.  

He started his career as a financial markets and funds lawyer in Canada and Hong Kong. Today, he is the PwC FinTech & RegTech Lead for China/HK and an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Hong Kong. He teaches graduate courses on Entrepreneurship in Finance, as well as the first FinTech university course in Asia.

Henri has received many industry and academic awards, including Top FinTech Influencer You Need to Know in Asia and Most Influential Individuals in FinTech.

Chris Hamilton (South Africa) – CEO of BankservAfrica

When Chris was CEO of the Australian Payments Clearing Association (APCA), he worked with Australia’s leading payments institutions and played a key role in redeveloping the country’s payment system. Today, Australia’s payment system is one of the most advanced in the world.

Chris has worked as a solicitor specialising in Security Industry Law and as the Executive General Manager of the Australian Stock Exchange, responsible for clearing and settlement.

He is currently CEO of BankServAfrica, Africa’s largest automated clearing house that builds and operates South Africa’s core interbank payments infrastructure.

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The conference

The Blockchain Africa Conference 2018 takes place at Microsoft South Africa in Bryanston, Johannesburg on 8-9 March 2018.

Early Bird tickets have now closed, but some standard tickets are still available.

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